In the plastics industry, titanium dioxide is the most widely used as a white pigment.Plastic industry will become to the second big user of titanium dioxide.


For plastic with titanium dioxide, requirements of fine particles, dispersion, the plastic forming process of heating and the finished product is made in sunlight exposure and use of the process change. Due to titanium dioxide have high whiteness, tinting strength, good transparency and chemical stability, if titanium dioxide instead of lithopone, white pigment consumption can be reduced 50%~70%, so the manufacture of white or colored pigments necessary coloring filler, is one of the most excellent white pigment. In particular, nitrocellulose, cellulose acetate, viscose and casein plastics such as more comfortable. When used in conjunction with and other pigments, It will make the molding material to be beautiful and bright colors, titaniium dioxide used in toys and food is non-toxic, used for plastic film, tensile strength, elongation of seven products: no change for insulating material, the insulating properties have no effect.


Titanium dioxide application in PVC products, in addition to the use of its high hiding power, high tinting strength and with other pigments with good performance, it can improve the plastic heat, light, the weathering properties also can make plastic products from UV light invasion, improve plastic products mechanical strength and electrical properties of the cable material, the volume resistance ( VR% ) low residue rate.


With the plastic products constantly expanding range of applications, many outdoor plastic products, such as plastic windows and doors, building materials and other plastic products for outdoor use, durability requirements are also high, in addition to the use of rutile titanium dioxide, also need surface processing, the surface treatment is generally not plus zinc, just add aluminum, silicon, zirconium and other. Silicon has a hydrophilic to wet effect. It can prevent the plastic at high temperature extrusion due to water evaporation and air hole.

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